The Archivo Hildegart presents Hildegart’s writings and other primary historical material from the 1930s, organizing and categorizing nearly four hundred documents and images. Included are newspaper articles of historical context and the press coverage of Hildegart’s murder and ensuing trial, as well as a complete collection of Hildegart’s newspaper articles and excerpts from journals and her books. Previously, the majority of Hildegart’s publications in the press could only be found at various archives in Madrid, with a partial collection held at the U.S. Library of Congress. Now, the public and scholarly community can readily access this complete, annotated and searchable collection hosted by Davidson College. In the 1930s, Hildegart was a well-known social and sexual reform activist in Spain who had important contacts in Europe and the U.S. Until now, her work has been overshadowed by her tragic death at a young age. This archive redirects the scholarly focus from her death to her life, celebrating her intellectual work and recuperating a previously disremembered piece of history.